Secret of Warta

In september 2010 a film „Secret of Warta” was produced in Śrem. This docudrama is an attempt to depict and explain legends of the town. Main character in the story is a young man from Śrem, who tries to solve the mystery of a secret tunnel allegedly leading under the river of Warta.


Film was shot in dark sceneries of underpasses network nearby Śrem market square and inside crypts of the post-franciscan church.  Elder residents of the town gladly helped developing the project by delivering useful knowledge about underground tunnels they remembered from the past.

Film was produced by young residents of Śrem. Iniciative of local filmmakers and City Hall is part of the „I love Śrem” project, which goal is to show affection local people have for the town. Movie premiered in autumn 2010. It was financed with the budget funds.

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